Field Rules

Please fill out our waiver before arriving at our event. Download Here

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  • Full face protection is required if under the age of 18.
  • Full seal ANSI z87.1 goggles and lower mesh or full face mask.
  • A barrel-blocking device (BBD, aka Barrel Bag) is required for all players to have for their replicas when off of the field.
  • No mesh goggles will be allowed UNLESS glasses or safety glasses are worn underneath.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: It is still possible to have injuries while using safety equipment.

  • All Replicas are chronographed with .20 gram bbs.
  • Biodegradable BBs are required.
  • No Replicas are permitted to shoot over 500 FPS.
  • Replicas shooting between 350 and 420 FPS will have a 15 foot Minimum Engagement Distance (M.E.D.)
  • Replicas shooting between 420 to 500 FPS Will be taped and required to use a 100 foot M.E.D. and will not be allowed to use full auto.

    The following items are strictly prohibited; anyone found carrying any of these items is subject to ejection from the field indefinitely:

  • Firearms and Live Ammunition.
  • Any blade longer than 4 inches.
  • Mace, Pepper Spray or other form of chemical weapons.
  • Improvised Airsoft Grenades, Mines, or other Explosives.
  • Unapproved Incendiary Devices (Fireworks, Smoke Bombs, Flashbangs etc.)
  • Potato Guns or any Compressed Air Launcher.

    Field Marshals are the supreme authority on the field. They are present in order to maintain a safe and fun environment. Disobeying, disrespecting and/or arguing with a marshal is strictly prohibited. Field marshals must be informed of any violations of field or game rules. FIELD MARSHALS MUST BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY OF ANY FIELD EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.


    Airsoft is an honor sport! Honor, Integrity and Respect go hand-in-hand with quality gameplay. All players MUST call their hits! All direct hits to any part of a players body are valid; whether a player is hit in the chest, head, or pinky. Gun hits and ricochets do not count, however, if a player is not certain, when in doubt, call it out.

  • When hit, a player must yell as loudly and clearly as possibly HIT
  • To visually signify a hit, the players replicas and/or hands must be raised over their head.
  • While a player is dead he/she is not allowed to speak words other than medic, respawning, or dead man walking in order to ensure no dead player can communicate information to his/her team (enemy positions, etc.) until he/she has been healed by a medic or has respawned.
  • Players cannot speak while being healed by a medic.

    Once hit, all players (unless otherwise dictated) have the options of waiting for a medic, or moving to a designated respawn point. A respawn point is a designated location from which a dead player comes back to life and can rejoin the game. Respawns are instantaneous unless otherwise noted i.e. once at a respawn point, players do not need to wait to come alive; as soon as the respawn point is reached, players are allowed to return to gameplay.

  • Respawn Points are usually placed on the outskirts of a game area in order to prevent spawn camping.
  • Spawn camping is defined as watching the respawn point of an opposing team and killing other players as they respawn.
  • Spawn camping is unsportsmanlike conduct and is strictly prohibited. Shooting at an enemy respawn point or at an enemy while he/she is respawning is not allowed.

    The following rules were put in place in order to maintain safety, as well as add to the realism and quality of gameplay.

  • Players should not put themselves in a position in which headshots are necessary or encouraged. All players are encouraged to aim at center mass (center of the chest)
  • Blind firing is not allowed. Blind firing is defined as shooting a replicas without looking down the sights of that replicas,
  • for example sticking a replicas through a window or around a corner and firing without looking.
  • All replicas must be set to semi-automatic unless specified before game, and players must show control at close range.
  • Overshooting is unsportsmanlike, once a player has called their hit they should no longer be shot.
  • Melee kills will be honored. A melee kill occurs when a player touches any part of another player with a replica knife or hands, signifying the kill. The victim must take the kill.
  • 8. OTHER:

  • DO NOT fire at any lights, sprinkler heads, or other equipment that is not part of the game. Any person found doing so will be required to pay for the repair/replacement of the item that was damaged.
  • While not on the field barrel bags and safties must be on, and the magazine out of your replicas.
  • No aiming your Replicas at anyone unless on the field.
  • Please clean up after yourself.

    All of the following rules carry the penalty of expulsion from the field if violated:

  • Any language that is verbally aggressive (profanity, threats of physical violence, degrading language, vulgar gestures) is strictly prohibited.
  • Any physical aggression (striking, grabbing, shoving, throwing objects, or shooting another player outside of gameplay) and any unwanted physical contact is strictly prohibited.
  • Theft and the handling of any other players equipment without their expressed permission, including theft from the field are strictly prohibited.
  • All patrons are expected to act with integrity and maturity. Anyone who becomes a danger to themselves or others will be ejected from the field instantaneously.
  • No drugs or alcohol are permitted, you will not be permitted to play if you are suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.